Celebrity Sex Tapes

One of the most searched for terms on the internet is celebrity sex tapes. Search engines are being used by millions of fans who want to see their favorite celebs performing or engaged in sex acts. To make matters worse for celebs - at least for some of them - their celebrity sex tapes have been turned into porn GIFS and sex pics. That makes it substantially easier for people to view and share them. It is far easier to view free sex pics or a porn GIF image of a celebrity than it is to watch an entire video. Some of the best celebrity sex tapes which have been turned into porn gifs are the ones from stars such as Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian. For Kim, she was never as famous until after the sex tape appeared. Many people credit the sex tape for turning her into the internet sensation she is today. Her family has also benefited greatly from Kim Kardashian's celebrity sex tape being released. They have reality TV shows, endorsements and movie contracts.

Other factors to consider are hackers and paparazzi. Hackers are constantly trying to gain access to people's private accounts. Once in a while, these hackers reach the accounts of celebrities. When that happens, the hackers will release any sex pics or sex videos of the celebrities on the web. You also have the photographers who make a living out of taking pics of celebs. They are always on the lookout for celebrities and follow them around. When you add up all of these factors, the end result is what we have today. Celebrity sex tapes all over the internet easily accessible to people. Now that it is so easy to create your own animated GIF image, users all over are doing just that. Taking the best pieces out of the celebrity sex tapes, the users turn them into a porn GIF image. Others take still-shots of the celebrity sex acts and make them into sex pics. The end result is celebrity porn GIFS and sex pictures found in websites all over the internet.

When it comes to celebrity sex tapes, there are two kinds of them. There are the celebrity sex tapes which belong to people who are already famous. Then, there are the celebrity sex tapes which make the person in the sex tape more famous or known after the tapes are leaked. Reasons as to why there are so many celebrity sex tapes online are several. For one, there is no shortage of celebrities in the world. They can be athletes, rappers, singers, actors, politicians, rich and famous or anyone who is in the public eye. That means there are millions of people who fall under the category of a celebrity. Secondly, many people now posses cellular phones capable of recording videos and taking pictures. This advancement in technology has made it much easier for anyone to record others or themselves. With a smartphone in hand, any person can take pictures or make a movie.